Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The City of Torrevieja in Spain

You can discover the beauty of the interior parts of Spain in Torrevieja. Torrevieja is famous for its huge salt lakes. You can find the city of Torrevieja to the south west of Alicante. It is about 50 km from Alicante. You will be able to reach here by the N332 along Costa Blanca. The major economic source of the city is salt production. The annual production of salt is over half a million tons.

There are large numbers of huge slat lakes on the road from Alicante to the city of Torrevieja. The traditional Valencian or Catalan is the predominant language in this area. You can find only Spanish speaking people as you move southwards to the city. So be ready with your Spanish knowledge when you are planning a vacation here.

The city is also famous for its sandy beaches. The name of the city originated from the old tower. The word torre in Spain means tower and vieja means old. The tower was said to be here in the 1800. The other main economic sources in this city are tourism and fishing.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Learning Spanish through TV and Movies

Beginners learning Spanish can find a help through two learning channels normally not thought of: the TV and the movies. While you may be able to understand the words when they are written, it is very different to hear them spoken and to speak it yourself. Listening to native speakers on the TV and in the movies would be a very big help since they are using the language naturally.

One way a beginner can learn how to understand Spanish better is to be like a kid again and watch cartoons in Spanish! For true beginners, Dora the Explorer is a great start. Focused on teaching one idea at a time, it groups together words that fit. There are other cartoons that can be watched as well, the native teaching cartoons that Spanish kids are exposed to. Spanish comic books are other great learning aids, since they express the actions and emotions behind the vocabulary in the drawings.

Look for a Spanish movie in a genre that you like that also has English subtitles. Watch the entire movie without stopping, just letting it wash over you. It may sound like gibberish at first and you may laugh at inopportune moments, but just stick to it. The second time, watch the movie chapter by chapter. If you don't understand a certain part, go over it again.

With your Spanish-English dictionary, list down the words or phrases that you don't understand too well.Watch the movie yet again (this is why it has to be in a genre you like!), this time with a friend that speaks Spanish. Let them know that this is not a typical movie date, and you will be questioning them no end regarding the movie. Ask them for explanations as to why something happened that way or why that certain sentence was used at the time. This is the only way that you'll be able to truly get into the movie.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Learn to Speak Spanish in Barcelona

People learn Spanish for various reasons. Some learn Spanish for fun while some learn it because they have to stay and work in a country where Spanish is a common language. The time it takes for a person to read, write and speak Spanish properly depends on the type of class he chooses.

Many people who live and work in Spain have the need to learn Spanish so that communication becomes easy for them.
There is no easy way of learning the language and people willing to learn it should have a serious approach. There are many schools in Barcelona which offer intensive courses on learning Spanish. These courses are usually held either in the afternoon or in the morning and each one is about four hours long which can be taken as a four weeks course or an eight weeks course.

In order to keep up with the learning process, it is essential to attend classes daily. The immersion technique used in Spanish schools in Barcelona is very effective as everything in the classroom starting from the very first day is in Spanish. The explanations in the text books are not even in English and it means that learners have to put in a lot of effort and concentration everyday to achieve some results.

Moreover, in order to learn good Spanish, it is essential to pay attention to the grammar as well. Many people have the tendency to overlook grammar and think it is not an essential part of learning. Learning grammar is like learning half the language and if the grammar part is overlooked, it means that your language is also incomplete.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Learn spanish for kids

Knowing how to speak Spanish is a big advantage in life. Spanish is one of the most common languages in the world. It is becoming especially popular in America, where the Latin culture is growing every day. Learning Spanish can help you get a better job. Specially for the kids, learning a foreign language has become very essential nowadays, Learning a language like Spanish for kids can help for their future.. It can help you communicate with more people. It can allow you to travel to dozens of countries without having to worry about the language barrier. There's no doubt that Spanish is an important language. So how do you go about learning Spanish?

Basic step by step Spanish online learning will ease you into understanding and give you a head start on a great accent. The introductory audio lessons are designed to be listened to and echoed as many times as you want to until you are confident. The best thing is that most courses offer free trial classes to get you going. The downloadable audio classes are usually the main part of a Spanish online learning course. The better programs will also have software packages, learning games, and video classes, plus often a forum or members group where you can go for support and answers if you should need to. And you can of course print out the transcripts to read along with the audio lessons too, truly multi-media classes. These days, many people are turning to the internet to learn Spanish. You can learn Spanish fast online using Spanish learning software. Spanish learning software is widely available on the net, and varies in complexity and price. Many sites offer subscriptions services to have access to their Spanish lessons. Others are instant downloads or CD packages containing the whole course. The choice is up to you where you go for your Spanish lessons.

Learn Spanish audio books are also available in many stores and in many venues on the web. These are like textbooks played on cassette tapes or over a compact disk, and are a bit different than other Spanish audio cassette tapes. They have English words and instructions but phrases and sentences in Spanish to teach the difference between certain words. Depending on what you want in a textbook, learn Spanish audio can cost you anywhere from twenty to a hundred dollars or more, and they may or may not be worth your money.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Natural Ways To Speak Italian

There are many people who dream of
becoming fluent in Italian as second language, but are put off. Why is this? Perhaps this is because they are disheartened from their previous experiences in their formal educational careers. If you find yourself in that category then there is really no need to beat yourself up and reading this article could be a real eye opener for you. So, why do many people feel discouraged? For the most part, school is not a very positive experience for everyone and most find it boring, difficult to focus possibly because in a way, formal education is rather rigid. You should never feel discouraged. Always feel that you can do it and you have all that confidence. Always feel motivated and don't ever be disheartened. You need to know that till the time you are not motivated you will not be able to learn Italian. You need to always feel that you can do it and you have all the charisma in you. Learning a second language is not so tough, if you feel so. So always take it as a fun exercise and do it by your own way.

Five Simple Basic Way To Learn Italian Language
1 – To start off you may need to attend an Italian school, it can be dangerous to study on your own; you need someone to put you on the track by correcting your pronunciation and teaching you all the basic grammar and creating some short dialogues so you can begin to interact with someone. Interaction is the key.

2 – Find some websites on the internet that offer free tutorials followed by activities, these can be found at any search engine, just make searches like e.g.: “Italian language on-line lessons and activities”, or “study Italian on-line”, or whatever search you can come up with.

3 – Get some songs or buy some CDs of artists of countries that speak Italian, after a while you will be singing along, which is helpful to acquire the correct pronunciation and will also help you memorize some structures and sentences. After that you can get the lyrics on the internet and study them, with a dictionary look for any words you don’t know.

4 – Watch movies in Italian. It’s acceptable to use subtitles as long as they are also in Italian. You can keep rewinding a few parts of the movie and repeating what the actor is saying, until you pronounce those sentences correctly.

5 – Read articles off the internet. Remember to grab a dictionary, this is a great tool to be updated on what’s going on in the world, and learning a bunch of new words, at this point you should have an Italian to Italian dictionary, it is not considered good to be translating the language unless when you are really beginning to study it.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Audio Lessons An Easiest Way to Learn German Language

Apart from Germany itself, the largest number of native German speakers can be found in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg in each of these countries, German is the majority language. Additionally, there are German speaking communities in other European countries including Italy, Belgium, France, Denmark, and others too. If you want to learn German online, you need to get hold of an online German audio package. Like everyone who wants to learn a second language these days, an audio package is the easiest way to go about it.

Learning German with audio guides is going to be the easiest way for you to learn the language efficiently and effectively. Audio guides allow you to listen to the correct pronunciation as well as allowing you to practice out loud. With a language like German that has extended vowel use, this is all that more important.

In order to learn German fast, your study method should be emphasized more on speaking than reading. Reading will come when you have grasped the basic speaking skills. You can buy audio tapes by native German speakers in order to learn German fast, or you can listen to interactive online audio materials for German language learners. If you can get German films and shows, watch them. These will help you to get the correct pronunciation and verb usage in German language. You will also be motivated to continue learning German whenever you understand or have an idea of what is said in the shows.

In your audio guide you will first learn these to grasp the fundamentals of the language. Schools and traditional language courses are not as effective because they do not focus their learning. When you learn German online you learn the most important words first to build your language foundation. While you learn German online, you can get many items printed out like the list of vocabulary, conjugation charts and grammar and much more for practicing when you are listening to your audio tapes.


German Alphabets

How To Learn German Successfully

Friday, February 27, 2009

How to Learn Spanish Language Quickly and Effectively

Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world and because of that a lot of people are usually interested in learning how to speak it. But the problem most people usually have is that they do not how to learn it and this can be very frustrating. The good news though is that there are several ways to learn how to speak Spanish some of which are available online and some of which are available offline. This article would look at some of the ways to learn How to learn to speak Spanish.

One of the ways to learn to speak Spanish is by going to a local college, the good thing about this method is that if you go to a good one you might actually receive a certificate at the end of the program but if you are just looking to learn how to speak a little about the language this method might not be for you, you are better off learning by yourself of getting someone who knows Spanish to teach you.

Language learning software is another way to learn to speak Spanish and this one just usually requires a one time fee for you to download it to your computer and if you get a good one it would also come with games, audios as well as transcripts. The good thing about this method is that you can use the software wherever you are and however you want as long as you have your computer with you, but this method requires a lot of commitment if you are going to learn how to speak it as they would be no teacher or exams to pressure you to learn it.

All in all, there are several other ways to learn to speak Spanish like hiring a personal tutor or through immersion. But whichever way you decide to use, just ensure that you are committed and dedicated to learning how to speak it and you should have no problems.

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